Set lists

Thursday Sessions set lists

1Flowers of Edinburgh
Far from home
Spoot o Skerry
2Flett frae Flotta
3The Warlock
Malteezer Madness
4Callums Road
The smith's a gallant fireman
Memories of Fr Angus Macdonnell
Hut on Statten Island
5Silver spear
The Merry Blacksmith
The maid behind the bar
Miss Rowan Davis
7Margarets waltz
Midnight on the water
Gillian's Waltz
8The Tenpenny bit
Rory McLeod
9Da Ferry Reel
Lay dee at dee
Spoot o Skerry
10The reel of Tulloch
The rose tree
The bonny lass of Fyvie
11Walking on the moon
The Fairy dance
Mrs McLeods
12The circle of the ocean
Leaving Lismore
Farquhar and Hettie's waltz
13The Rizzla
14The Tennessee waltz
15American patrol
Ain't she sweet
16The rights of man
The king of the Fairies
17Hunter's purse
18Margaret's waltz
Midnight on the water
19The swallowtail jig
Drowsy maggie
20Flat water fran
21Winster gallop
22Killaville jig
Willie Colemans
23Miss girdle
Arisdale burn
The road to Glountane (Cuz Teehans)
24Garster's dream
The Lisnagun