SessionsOnTheWire – Tuesdays

We hope you are all staying safe and using your time wisely. There’s some great stuff happening online and its often hard to choose which session/workshop/concert/lesson to log in to.

Here’s another one to add to your list !

A few of us have been continuing our sessions online using zoom. We get together on Tuesday evening(8.00 pm) for a few tunes and a chat. We each take a turn to sing or play – much like the normal session. Its not the same as the pub but its not too bad. You just need a laptop, tablet or phone and follow the link (below) to the Zoom meeting.

I know some might not want to install Zoom but you can still join by using zoom in your browser at

The meeting id is 88097918399 and the password is the last word in the title of SC&T (if you don’t know what that is give me a shout)
We start at 8.00pm and finish around 10.


    1. Hi Genevieve
      We are meeting tonight (Thursday)
      Give me a shout on 07788496459 if you’re struggling to get in.

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